video: tourists on the fourth floor

Like the chartreuse escalator, the shiny red fourth floor area appears in many personal videos and photos, very likely for the same reason that, being a relatively intimate, narrow space through which one moves, it presents the visitor with a personal, cinematic experience of imagery moving past. This is not the overriding logic (or algorithm) of the Library itself however, so it is not surprising that this area is again a transitional space, not one in which the public is meant to linger. It is the “assembly” platform where computer training and meetings take place. The librarian on the video tour skips it entirely.


1 Response to “video: tourists on the fourth floor”

  1. 1 jeremy March 19, 2008 at 8:15 pm

    for the record, the song is “losing today” by the shoegaze-y UK band slowdive. american city, dutch architect, british soundtrack.

    the music was driving me crazy because i recognized the artist but couldn’t figure out which song–they all sound drone-y in precisely the same way. in any case, it’s the aptly titled “losing today” found on both the morningrise EP (1991) and the bonus disc of the “just for a day” re-release (1991, 2005).

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