our project: why SCL?

In Database Aesthetics, Victoria Vesna writes:

With rapid technological advances in access and retrieval of information through large computer databases, libraries are changing, and thus the way we form knowledge and narrative is also changing.

With this in mind, an actual library designed in and for the “age of information overflow” seemed like a particularly good subject for our examination of architecture from the perspective of our class (Media Theory for the 21st Century). We’ve focused here on topics of database, narrative, code, embodiment, techno-determinism, and media ecologies.

The building’s principle architect, Rem Koolhas envisioned the library of the future as “an information storehouse, orchestrating the coexistence of all available technologies.” Koolhaas has argued also that in the past the main concern was to find information; in the future it will be to select information.

As such we considered the Seattle Central Library a site of particular interest as a reflection of the “discourse network” circa 2000 and of the media ecologies of information-dissemination in the 21st century.

(For a discussion of the SCL as a database and an expression of database aesthetics, see SCL as database.)


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