our project: database

N. Katherine Hayles and Todd Gannon write:

Embodied buildings and embodied documents are physical objects witnessing to architectural acts…. architecture partakes fundamentally of the virtual in the Deleuzian sense, a nimbus of potentialities in dynamic interaction with the actuality of buildings and documents.

Therefore, for this project, we have endeavored to assemble a database of documents from multiples sources. We do not pretend that this database is exhaustive or even extensive. It is merely a sampling. To this sampling, we have added our own documents in the form of mini-essays, in which we examine these various media documents, with particular attention to the dynamic tension between the building’s virtuality and its actuality.

The documents appear in no particular order. We have tagged the items with attributes, such as: medium, intention, audience, view, producer, position and source. This allowed us to create associative, but not narrative, links between the items and to reveal some of the disguised connections between this plethora of representation on different levels. The tag cloud (right) allows users to view items via these associations (these syntagms) which are of course merely suggestions.


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