façade detail

detail facade 03

This technical drawing illustrates the point where several seams of the façade of the building come together. This particular document is composed of two distinct axonometric drawings at two distinct scales. This sort of document is usually developed by engineers to assist in the construction process, identifying and explaining specific situations where the overall system (in this case the façade) has to deal with a singular situation, such as this joint.
On the image illustrating the actual corner, we have a clarification of the method employed by the engineers to solve the façade’s intricate network geometry, favoring the network uniformity in each plane, even if it implied the introduction of large transitional pieces at the edges.
In the smaller scale drawing which serves to situate this specific façade detail on the overall envelope of the building, the Cartesian coordinate system is embodied by the structural grid, laid out by the engineering team. As each point of this building finds its place in space through the x, y and z coordinates, it seems to disregard the paradigm shift announced by the architectural digital avant-garde and the highly curvilinear nurb calculated surfaces that characterize it. The computing power at our disposal today was not employed in this building’s formalistic operation, but in the calculation of its structural integrity.


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